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HR Manager - HIRED

Welcome to this jobpost 😄 !

My name is Florian, and I am the CEO and founder at EdTech scaleup Bijles aan Huis / Lernigo.

So let me dive right into it.....

About the company:

We're a promising tech-savvy startup-moving-into-scaleup that created a tutoring marketplace in the Netherlands, but with a full remote team from people all over the world. It's working, we're growing fast, we've got excellent backing, and we're currently in the process of expanding to Germany. Very exciting 🚀💪

We're about 2.5 years old but only launched our first product about 1 year ago. Ever since the launch, we have seen explosive growth, in the number of students, tutors, and revenue. This growth resulted in more funding, which allowed us to hire more talent that helps us to build better product, and accelerate our growth (like with the current expansion to Germany). Our team has grown from 5 people about a year ago, to 20 people today. Last month we hired 3 people, and next month we'll most likely hire 4 new people. In November, we'll be seeking VC funding, which will accelerate the pace at which we're hiring people even further.

Some Perks of the job:

  • ✅ 100% remote, work where you want
  • ✅ Have an impact on the lives of thousands of students
  • ✅ Long term work (not project-based)
  • ✅ Ability to plan your own working hours (except for default meetings)
  • ✅ Complete freedom in shaping the HR side of the business: we encourage ownership and responsibility, not micromanagement
  • ✅ Work in a diverse team with 5 nationalities


Depending on the candidate's experience, but approximately:

  • €3000 monthly base salary
  • The equivalent of €1500 monthly worth of equity
  • Subject to increase after series-A and with excellent performance

The challenge:

It is a privilege to experience this explosive growth and I can only be excited about where the company will be in a few years. But as we're growing fast, many challenges are rising. We identified many of our "Growth Pains" to be related to HR:

  • We do not have a proper hiring engine in place, where we have a Talent Pool of people that we can hire when a new job position opens. Instead, we're always rushing through the recruiting/hiring process.
  • The management team is overloaded, also having to take up many HR responsibilities.
  • There are micro efficiencies in processes, and with the usage of tools
  • Not enough attention for managing relations with our 2000 tutors
  • Not enough active internal feedback loops to identify internal points of improvement
  • Not enough clarity and transparency in corporate identity: it needs further defining and communicating
  • There has not been enough focus on the legal sides of employment
  • There is a lot of efficiencies to win in cross-team workflows, with more transparent communication and a system for project management
  • There needs to be a company-wide compensation scheme, so incentives are easy to understand and fully transparent
After this long list of negatives, I feel the need to say: fortunately we have also done many things right in order to get to the point where we are now 😅

Your role:


From day 1, you will be considered a core part of the management team, and you will receive a lot of freedom to shape your own role and to fully build the HR team from scratch. The management team has produced a draft for the HR strategy (its strategy, processes, and tasks), now it will be your turn to add your HR knowledge to this draft and finalize the approach. Whilst shaping this strategy, in the short term, you will also already have to execute some parts of your strategy, as there are already some urgent things in the backlog (e.g. 4 urgent vacancies open right now).

Medium and long-term:

As the business is growing, your role will change to only focussing on the HR process and strategy. When our current funding round closes, you will receive the budget to hire your own HR staff and build your own HR team that will then handle the execution. As the business continues to grow, so will your team!

What we think would be a good match (but feel free to convince us otherwise):

  • Passion for smaller high-growth companies, with a very dynamic and fast-changing environment
  • Someone that is somewhat tech-savvy (we love tools 😍 )
  • Someone who loves taking on responsibilities/ownerships
  • Someone strategical, that also isn't afraid to get her/his feet dirty, with both experience in strategic and the execution of HR
  • Someone empathetic that cares about the good of the employees, and isn't afraid to position her/himself as a "servant leader"
  • A plus: Someone who has experience with building procedures/workflows that increase efficiency and employee satisfaction (e.g. through the implementation of Scrum/Kanban)
  • A plus: someone that loves measuring: numbers never lie
Does this sound like your calling?

this a business you would love to contribute to?

If "yes!!", feel free to reach out to me on: f.zandbergen@bijlesaanhuis.nl 🕺

Cheers and I hope to speak soon!